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What is TenetX?

TenetX allows customers to buy and sell popular virtual assets using money transfer agents as an entry point to receive or deposit cash. Before TenetX can process any buy or sell orders, customers must provide information that enables TenetX to validate their identities (this is the law, and protects you from identity fraud).


  1. Go to the Trade page, select the virtual asset you want to Buy.
  2. Specify the amount you’d like to spend in fiat currency.
  3. Confirm the transaction.
  4. Select a money transfer agent on the map to where you’d like to deliver cash.
  5. Go to the agent’s location, and present your identification document and transaction number.
  6. Give the cash to the agent to pay for your virtual asset purchases.
  7. Once the cash payment is confirmed, TenetX will execute the Buy order and add virtual asset to your account.
  8. You can see the status of the transaction on the ‘History’ page.
  9. You can see your individual virtual asset holdings and the equivalent balance in local currency on the ‘Portfolio’ page.
  1. Go to the Trade page, select the virtual asset you want to sell (you may only sell virtual asset that you already hold in your account).
  2. Specify the amount of virtual asset you wish to Sell.
  3. Confirm your Sell transaction.
  4. Once the transaction is confirmed, TenetX will execute the Sell order and submit a withdrawal request to the money transfer agents..
  5. Select a money transfer agent on the map to where you’d like to deliver cash.
  6. Go to the agent and present your identification document (passport, national ID, etc.) and transaction number.
  7. Receive your cash from the agent to complete the sale.
  8. Note: all Buy and Sell orders are executed “At Market” (the price at the time of order confirmation). The actual price of execution is not known until an order is confirmed. Prior to confirming a transaction, TenetX will show estimated amounts as a reference value.

Money transfer and associated services are regulated activities, and as such, we must collect and validate customer identity information, to ensure regulatory compliance and protect our customers from financial crime.

When a customer buys virtual asset, once cash is delivered to an agent it usually takes just a couple of minutes for the deposit to be confirmed and the Buy transaction to be completed.
When a customer initiates a transaction to Sell virtual asset, the Sale is performed as soon as the customer confirms the order. Thereafter, the cash may be collected from any available agent. 
A buy transaction can be cancelled before cash is deposited with an agent.
A sell transaction cannot be cancelled once a Sale is confirmed.
You can get help at any TenetX retail location or by contacting us at
TenetX doesn’t currently allow virtual assets to be transferred in or out of customer wallets. We plan to add this functionality later.
Customers can Buy or Sell up to an equivalent of $5,000 USD per day.
Verified customers may be able to make larger trades, subject to notice and the provision of additional supporting documentation.
TenetX is not providing the underlying Virtual Assets related services.
Tenet works with a leading Canadian provider of Custody Services (Balance) who maintain offline (cold) and warm storage, security and access controls, and encrypted wallet solutions for TenetX.
Their custody solutions are described on their website